Cinionic Introduces Sustainable Enhanced Cinema Presentation to Brazil

Elevates the moviegoing experience with Cinionic’s Laser Light Upgrades

September 22, 2022
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KORTRIJK, Belgium – September 22, 2022 – Cinionic, the leader in laser-powered cinema solutions, announces the debut of Laser Light Upgrades in Brazil with installations at Cinematográfica Araújo and AFA Cinemas theaters. Together, the projects bring laser-powered presentation to fourteen screens, including 13 at Cinematográfica Araújo’s Cine Araújo theater and one at AFA Cinemas Cine Ritz Pará de Minas.   

The announcement comes as the industry faces a surge in global energy prices at a time when theaters’ legacy technology is nearing the end of its original lifetime. The expansion of Cinionic’s Laser Light Upgrades (LLU) solution to Brazil provides exhibitors with a critical alternative to purchasing new projectors while also elevating the cinema experience for moviegoers. Crucially, the upgraded unit is more efficient, requiring less maintenance and consuming less energy, resulting in an overall reduction in operational costs.

One of the early adopters of Cinionic’s Laser Light Upgrades in Brazil is AFA Cinemas Cine Ritz Pará de Minas. AFA Cinemas operates 34 screens in fourteen cities across the southern region of the country.

Says Flavio Canteruccio, Director of AFA Cinemas, “The retrofit light is very easy to install and the results were better than we expected. The difference between before and after the upgrade was noticed by moviegoers that prefer to watch movies in the new screen with laser.”

Brazilian exhibitor Cinematográfica Araújo (Cine Araújo) is another pioneer of Laser Light Upgrades for the market. The Araújo family-owned circuit based out of Botucatu, São Paulo has 153 screens across 26 cities.   

Cinionic’s Laser Light Upgrades offer cinemas a sustainable path to laser projection. Using the theater’s existing Series 2 projectors, the solution allows theaters to quickly upgrade their presentation with the addition of a new laser light source. For exhibitors, the enhanced unit can cut costs for exhibitors by up to 70%, extend projector lifetime, and reduce their environmental impact. Cinionic offers a range of models up to 37,000 lumens.   

“Cinionic has a proud heritage in South America,” says Wim Buyens, CEO Cinionic. “With our dedicated cinema team in Brazil, we are committed to empowering elevated moviegoing experiences for the region. Today, the industry faces evolving audience expectations. Solutions like Cinionic’s Laser Light Upgrades and all-laser portfolio offer exhibitors a range of options to meet the needs of their business today, so they can wow the audiences of tomorrow.”

Industry professionals looking to learn more about Cinionic’s Laser Light Upgrades and all-laser portfolio of cinema solutions can meet with the Cinionic team at ExpoCine this week. Cinionic is the Exclusive Technology Sponsor of ExpoCine, September 20-23 in San Paulo, Brazil.  For more information, visit: