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next-generation laser projection for all cinema screens

Explore a complete range of smart cinema projectors and discover outstanding image quality and worry-free operation. Delight moviegoers on every occasion.

Continue the smart projection era with Barco Series 4 projectors

      • most accessible way to laser
      • flawless image quality for smaller screens
      • fully boothless design

brilliant image
every time

Enter a new level of cinema enjoyment with consistent high image quality. Get ready for stunning brightness, vivid colors, high contrast, and improved uniformity. Brilliant images enabled by Barco AIM™.

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ready for tomorrow, today
prepare for the future

Discover next-generation cinema technology with Barco Series 4 projectors. Advanced projectors ready to impress moviegoers today, and tomorrow.

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Barco EcoPure™
go green with laser

Cinema projectors that combine an environmentally-friendly design with industry-leading energy efficiency. Barco Series 4 lowers your utility bills and features smart power management.

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fit and forget
worry-free operations

Take advantage of ultra-low maintenance and seamless integration. Easy, field-swappable and cost-efficient Barco Laser Plates™ reduce your total cost of ownership. These projectors are fit for boothless theaters.

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Barco Series 4 projectors

enter the smart projection era

      • brilliant laser images for all cinema screens, at all times
      • future-ready platform specifically designed for cinema
      • environmentally-friendly laser projectors with industry-leading efficiency
      • simplify your operations and reduce your costs

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