Cine A explores fully sustainable cinema in San Paulo together with Laser by Cinionic

October 4, 2023
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  • Cine A explores fully sustainable cinema in San Paulo together with Laser by Cinionic

Cinionic is pleased to share our first cinema spotlight featuring innovative ways cinemas are embracing the future of exhibition together with the power of Laser by Cinionic. In this edition, we zoom in on what’s happening in São Paulo where Brazilian operator, Cine A, is leveraging the benefits of laser projection to realize their vision of a fully sustainable cinema concept.

Cine A

Cine A

  • Founded in Brazil in 2004
  • 20 locations with 52 screens
  • Cine A is renowned for its quality, innovation and self-sustaining projects that give access to art, culture, and the magic of cinema.

Cine A’s latest theater in São Paulo features five auditoriums and harnesses state-of-the-art technology together with a passion for environmental preservation. The São Paolo location follows in the footsteps of Cine A’s move in 2019 to present the “first self-sustaining cinema in Latin America” in Itajubá, Minas Gerais that took advantage of solar panels to power the presentations, rain water harvesting, and electric car charging stations to promote sustainability throughout the moviegoing experience – a decision that resulted in local news coverage and their being awarded the 2019 ExpoCine Sustainability Award.

In São Paulo, Cine A theater took the concept a step further, implementing sustainable operations throughout the entire complex, including the removal of single-use plastic for concession items in favor of 100% biodegradable packing. The construction of the building incorporates separated waste and recycling disposal, exhibition rooms lined with acoustic lining made from recycled PETs bottles recovered from the ocean, and inverter air conditioners that ensure low energy consumption. It’s also powered by clean energy from two 75KWh photovoltaic systems able to supply more than 200m² of sustainable energy, with an estimated generation of 230,000kWh per year.

The move to a more sustainable way to present movies is also supported in the booth with 4K Laser Projection by Cinionic. For the theater, Cine A selected the Barco Series 4 laser family for a lower carbon footprint vs Xenon, decreased energy consumption without compromising quality, and the elimination of consumables like lamps and filters. By leveraging Barco Series 4 SP2K and SP4K and Barco Alchemy media servers, Cinionic was able to provide a unique and integrated solution aligned to their long-standing commitment to the environment.

Obrigado, Cine A – we are proud to be able to support your vision for a brighter, eco-friendly way to go to the movies!

As environmental concerns continue to grow around the world, cinemas are seeking new ways to lower their carbon footprint with innovative design, future-ready technology, and a reimagination of the moviegoer experience. Today, with over 35,000 laser solutions deployed, theaters around the world are making Laser Projection by Cinionic an integral part of their sustainability strategy.

About the Cinema Spotlight Series

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