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Explore our Barco Series 4 product family and broaden the range of your visual experiences. Every element has been developed to ensure your audiences will enjoy a captivating visual experience, movie after movie.

Incorporating the latest technology, the Barco Series 4 platform offers you affordable and eco-friendly laser projectors that can be easily integrated into your current setup.

Visual quality is guaranteed thanks to the latest 4K TRP chip from TI which brings 4K resolution to every screen size – without compromise. The efficient Barco RGB laser light source encompasses patented Barco Active Image Management™ to delight audiences.

Integration into your current setup is straightforward as the projector body has the same footprint as the Barco C-series cinema projectors, plus it can reuse lenses from your current projectors. With Series 4’s ultra-low maintenance design 4 times less maintenance is required, the rest is taken care of.

The integrated projection system delivers an industry-leading 9.5 lumens per watt for an energy-efficient performance, always. Barco Series 4 laser projectors are designed to go boothless. Why? They generate low noise levels of just 50 dB (35dB in hushbox) and perform in ambient temperatures up to 40° Celcius. The lasers and cooling are fully integrated into their design, so the projector setup also requires less space.

why choose Barco Series 4 projectors?

Explore the world of smart laser cinema projectors and discover future-proof technology and outstanding image quality. Delight moviegoers on every occassion.

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Enter a new level of cinema enjoyment and explore a wider color gamut with more contrast, stunning light, 4K resolution, and improved uniformity.

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ready for tomorrow, today

Discover next-generation cinema technology with Barco Series 4 projectors. Advanced projectors ready to impress moviegoers today, and tomorrow.

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Barco EcoPure™

Cinema projectors that combine an environmentally-friendly design with industry-leading energy efficiency. Barco Series 4 lowers your utility bills and features smart power management.

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fit and forget

Take advantage of ultra-low maintenance and seamless integration into your current setup. These laser cinema projectors are fit for boothless setups.

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Barco Series 4 represents the latest in smart projection, specifically for the cinema market.
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11,000 lumens smart cinema projector for mainstream theaters

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15,000 lumens smart cinema projector for mainstream theaters

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20,000 lumens smart cinema projector for mainstream theaters

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23,500 lumens smart cinema projector for mainstream theaters

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