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Prepare your projector for tomorrow. Our fully-integrated Laser Light Upgrade can replace and improve the light source in Series 2 models. A sustainable way to bring incredible image quality and crystal-clear cinema to your audience.

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Affordable laser projection

Barco’s Laser Light Upgrade allows you to upgrade your lamp projector to laser by replacing the light source engine, making top-level laser quality attainable at an affordable price. Upgrade your existing Series 2 xenon projector and enjoy the benefits of laser:

      • cut costs up to 70%
      • simplify operations
      • extend projector lifetime
      • enjoy laser quality

“The fact that we can retrofit a laser light engine into our existing equipment means that there are major savings in a laser roll-out and that we are not buying all new movie projectors.”


Mark Anderson, Director of Omniplex Cinemas

The benefits of a Laser Light Upgrade

Extend projector lifetime
up to 30,000 more hours

Laser Light Upgrade allows you to extend the lifetime and warranty of your existing Series 2 projector.

Energy savings
save up to 70% on your energy bill

Reduce power consumption, minimize heat dissipation, and increase power efficiency for a more sustainable cinema solution.

Laser quality
reliable performance

Moviegoers expect a wow experience. Laser projection offers a brighter, sharper picture quality and more consistent brightness than lamps.

Simplify operations
less maintenance, less cost

Constant maintenance is a thing of the past. Upgrading to laser eliminates bulb cost, storage, and continual upkeep. Experience peace of mind with your equipment.

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