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Laser by Barco is today’s leading technology for tomorrow. Outstandingly beautiful image quality in an easy-to-operate system. Efficient, effective, and eco-friendly. Made for delivering incredible cinema on every screen.

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Laser has many different benefits, and we continue to invest in laser innovations for every cinema screen for the long-term. It’s a safe and future-ready investment that brings value for you and your audience.

4 reasons to go laser

Improve image quality

Your audience will enjoy a better movie experience thanks to laser. Boost your brightness, contrast, and color and guarantee a consistent brightness over time.

Moviegoer satisfaction

Picture quality is the number one factor influencing a moviegoer’s decision to see a movie in a theater. Laser projection improves color quality and brightness levels, which matters significantly to 68% of moviegoers.*


*Source: Erm Research Global Study for Cinionic, n=1,360.

Simplify your operations

Laser projection makes running your theaters simpler by improving operational efficiency. It implies less storage, less staff training, and less maintenance.

Reduce resources

With laser projection, you can cut costs up to 70% by reducing your power consumption, minimizing heat dissipation, and increasing efficiency.

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We are laser


With over 30,000 laser solutions installed worldwide, and a longstanding heritage in laser, we are the laser company. Our award-winning laser portfolio includes a projector for every screen. The facts speak for themselves.

The biggest laser solutions portfolio in the industry


Discover the most extensive laser solutions portfolio in the industry. Our award-winning and record-breaking laser solutions include a perfect match for all your cinema screens, from small to large.

Laser Light Upgrade

The fastest way to laser. Get all the benefits of laser on any Barco Series 2 xenon projector.

• Fully integrated laser upgrade solution for Barco Series 2
• Smart lifetime extension for your current projector
• Improve image quality and reduce costs

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Barco Series 4

Explore a complete range of next-generation laser projectors and discover outstanding image quality and worry-free operation for every screen.

• Brilliant images consistently delivered
• Sustainable and eco-friendly projector platform
• Smart design for worry-free operations

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Barco Series 4 projectors

next-generation laser projection for all cinema screens


Explore a complete range of smart cinema projectors and discover outstanding image quality and worry-free operation. Delight moviegoers on every occasion.

      • Brilliant laser images for all cinema screens, at all times

      • Future-ready platform specifically designed for cinema

      • Environmentally-friendly laser projectors with industry-leading efficiency

      • Simplify your operations and reduce your costs

Laser Light Upgrade

the fastest way to laser


Barco’s Laser Upgrade Kits provide your moviegoers with the best possible visual experience that stays consistent over time. It’s about more than just light. Your laser mission is possible. The laser upgrade to your existing Series 2 lamp projectors takes less than one day.

      • Cut costs up to 70% thanks to reduced power, minimized heat dissipation, and increased efficiency

      • Bring state-of-the-art RGB+ laser technology to your Barco Series 2 projectors

      • Simplify your operations and enjoy peace of mind by upgrading to laser


“Rather than financing a new projector, retrofitting has been more economical. A win-win scenario: for the environment and our inner peace.”

Andac Bagioglu
IT director Cinamon Group

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