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Enjoy a stunningly seamless workflow with our fully integrated cinema operations. Crisp laser projection, reliable media server, and immersive audio processors – all from one source. Making memorable theatre experiences easy, every time on every screen.

Media and audio solutions

From the company that brought you laser projection,
Barco presents best in-class integrated media and immersive audio solutions
that elevate the cinema experience beyond the image on screen.


Easily integrated into a variety
of both new and existing
cinema solutions


Elevate the customer experience
without overhauling your entire system


Robust technology built for the
future with benefits today

Looking for a cinema media server
that’s fully integrated?

Barco Alchemy ICMP-X

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Looking an audio processor
that’s truly immersive?

Barco AuroMax APX Processor

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Integrated cinema media processor

Barco Alchemy ICMP-X

The Barco Alchemy ICMP-X combines the functionalities of an Integrated Cinema Processor (ICP) and media server into one single board, designed for seamless integration into the cinema ecosystem.

Reduced hardware increases simplicity of installation and reliability for operations. Flexible configuration, control and playback using the embedded scheduler or TMS resulting in efficient media management and processing. Compatible with Barco Series 4 and Series 2.

smart integration

Less hardware
Easy installation
Remote configuration and troubleshooting
Higher built-in storage capabilities

flexible operations

Enables flexible playback solutions
Compatible with IAB/SMPTE
Single software interface
Seamless one-company support

Immersive audio

APX AuroMax®

Silent movies haven’t been a thing for 80 years. These days, the sound is what transforms the movie into an immersive experience. Isn’t it time we unlock the full potential of audio?

Imagine watching your favorite movie on the big screen but listening to the audio from your phone. It just doesn’t feel the same. That car chase doesn’t seem quite as suspenseful, that fight scene doesn’t seem real, that monster doesn’t seem as scary, that space ship doesn’t seem to be as fast.

With realistic, immersive audio you can unlock another level of experience for your audience. Bring movies to life with immersive audio solutions from Barco.

Auditory realism

Using Barco’s spatial sound rendering technology, the APX Auromax creates realistic immersive audio for any auditorium.

Flexible design

Leveraging Barco’s signature surround layer and screen channel configuration, our immersive audio solution can be used in a large variety of configurations, from classic 5.1 or 7.1 to large scale 26.1.

Minimal investment

Easy installation in both existing and new theaters for a lower cost than alternative object-based audio systems, thanks to the need for less amplifier channels and lower powered speakers.

Discover our educational library of tutorials on how to easily install your integrated media server

You have the best projector in the world. Now give yourself the best technology to elevate the movie-goer experience today and tomorrow.

APX and ICMP-X are the perfect companions to any of your Barco solutions, compatible with Series 2, Series 2 with LLU, and Series 4.

Simplified solutions designed to put the focus back on the movies.

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