Feel the difference of impact

Resource-efficiency, minimized footprint and enhanced experiences. Laser-powered projection provides many benefits for cinemas and the planet. We design all our solutions with net and carbon-positive outcomes in mind. Committed to a brighter future, onscreen and off.

Action and impact

our commitment to a greener future

As a global leader in cinema solutions, our focus is on improving and innovating, for our customers and for the planet. We are constantly working to improve operational efficiency and reduce costs, creating a way to deliver a more sustainable cinema for years to come.

Our sustainability goals for 2023 include:

Reduce the carbon footprint of our operations by 35%

Reduce the energy footprint of our products by 25%

Drive 75% adoption of Barco eco-label for environmental standards in cinema technology

How we can help you achieve your sustainability goals?

Laser is the green choice for
cinema projection

The inherent benefits of laser, and our eco-aware approach offers cinemas a greener way to deliver a new visual standard on-screen. Traditional lamp-based projectors have significant impacts on the environment, which laser addresses while also providing a better and more consistent image.

As a global leader in cinema solutions, Barco works closely with exhibitors to identify how laser can help them achieve their sustainability goals. Today, the laser transition offers a greener cinema to moviegoers around the world.

Eco-driven design and production

Barco designs and evaluates products based on a four-point eco-axis, leading to an overall ecoScore for each solution.
These four axes are listed below:

Energy efficiency

Increased power efficiency from switching from lamp-based projection to laser, further enhanced with smart onboard intelligence and technology 

Eco-friendly materials

Reduction of potentially hazardous substances in product design and development

Optimized packaging & logistics

Packaging material and design reduced to the essentials, optimized for minimum usage, logistics, and storage, using recycled materials for packaging when possible

Total lifecycle

Projectors designed for maximum modularity making it easier to upgrade, disassemble, and recycle. In addition, all cinema projector has a service and repair model that allows for lifetime extension 

For more details on ecoscoring visit Barco’s website

A-rated laser projection

powering a new visual standard with Barco Series 4

The ecoScore A-rated family of laser projectors harnesses on board smart technology and thoughtful design to deliver a more sustainable cinema projection solution. The Barco Series 4 offers a modular approach to its components and requires minimal maintenance interventions, giving exhibitors the ability to protect their investment using more streamline operations.

Investment protection

comprehensive coverage for the long term

Our wide range of services allow you to increase efficiency, maintain peak performance, making your operations greener and protecting your investment for the long term.

We offer custom solutions tailored to your business needs including:

  • Fleet management strategy
  • Round-the-clock monitoring
  • Remote support
  • Equipment cleaning and repairs
  • Spare parts fulfillment
  • Training & certification

Lifetime extension

get the most out of your existing hardware

For exhibitors with legacy equipment, we offer a unique retrofit solution that can extend projector lifetime by as much as 50%. With reduced cost and increased operational efficiency, Laser Light Upgrade is a core component of our eco-aware portfolio. Learn more about Laser Light Upgrade and discover the financial and environmental impact it could have on your business.

Circular economy and new business models

sustainable solutions to support your business

We are committed to creating a more circular economy for cinema visualization technology that harnesses both technological and business model innovation. Our two approaches are available for both new and existing products.

  • Classical circular economy concepts like service, repair, and remanufacture are optimized to reduce the service needs over the lifetime of new products by up to 75% compared to earlier generation products
  • Sign-up business models that offer outcome-based as-a-Service visualization for greater re-use, redeployment, and remanufacturing through Barco’s end-to-end managed services for the technology in the booth