the fastest way to laser

upgrade your cinema lamp projectors to laser projectors

Cinionic’s Laser Upgrade Kits allow you to easily upgrade your existing Series 2 cinema lamp projectors to laser in less than 1 day, making your laser mission possible.


how can I save?


Request your free consultation to get a detailed calculation on how much you can save by switching from lamps to laser.


cut costs

Reduced power, minimized heat dissipation and increased efficiency. Your clear benefit: cut costs up to 70%. It’s good for your budget – and the environment!

extend your projector’s lifetime

Our Laser Upgrade Kits allow you to expand the lifetime and warranty of your current Barco Series 2 cinema projectors.

enjoy laser quality

Cinionic brings state-of-the-art RGB+ laser technology to your Barco Series 2 projectors offering more contrast and more brightness for a stunning movie experience.


“The fact that we can retrofit a laser light engine into our existing equipment means that there are major savings in a laser roll-out and that we are not buying all new movie projectors.”

Mark Anderson, Director Omniplex Cinemas

reasons to upgrade

your existing cinema projectors to laser

cut costs up to 70%

Reduce power consumption, minimize heat dissipation and increase efficiency up to 12lm/W with Laser Upgrade Kits. It’s good for your budget – and the environment!


prolong your projector lifetime

Expand the lifespan and warranty of your existing Series 2 equipment. Terminate your lamps. Upgrade to laser.


better image quality

Upgrade your Series 2 projectors with Cinionic’s proprietary RGB+ laser technology and enjoy up to 30% more brightness and up to 20% more contrast for a stunning movie experience.


worry-free operations

Eliminate lamp hassle and enjoy laser benefits. Less storage, less staff training, and less maintenance ensure genuine peace of mind.


how it works


Certified technicians replace all xenon lamp components, including the lamp house, power supplies, and spark generator by a laser light source, laser driver modules, and dedicated laser cooling. The only thing you have to do is establish your connection to Cinionic and we’ll have your back!


up to 20,000 lumens


up to 17,000 lumens


up to 40,000 lumens

a personal plan tailored to your needs

Our laser upgrade solution comes with a variety of financing options that match your specific needs, all with better image quality, prolonged projector lifetime, peace of mind and a lower environmental impact.

Laser Light Upgrade

your own laser light upgrade kit

  • all the benefits of ownership

  • all the benefits of laser

  • 5 year upgrade kit warranty included

Laser as a Service

sign up to
laser light on screen

  • pre-purchase or pay monthly

  • consistent performance managed by Cinionic

  • 20,000 hours contract

  • warranty for the whole projector included