When it comes to laser, keep your cool!

June 6, 2018
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What you need to know about HVAC for lamp and laser cinema projectors

Laser projection in cinema has come a long way. The latest predictions say that at least half of the cinema projectors sold worldwide will be based on laser technology during 2018.

One of the main (and obvious) benefits of laser technology is that it’s ‘green’: laser projectors generate much less waste (no lamps!) and typically produce the same amount of light as lamp-based projectors. And, they do it with MUCH less electricity. But how?  

Laser projectors in cinemas have the benefits of reducing electrical consumption by up to 50%.

 Goran Stojmenovik, Sr. Product Manager Laser Projection

Laser diodes are more efficient in converting current to light. Plus, the light generated by the laser diodes is much more directed and more easily captured. On the other hand, with lamps, the light shines in all directions and it needs to be collected before it’s directed toward the lens. Hence, higher energy usage.

Laser projectors also offer great possibilities in cutting operational expenses related to heating, ventilation and air conditioning (or HVAC to use an industry acronym). With laser, things that were impossible before are now straightforward.

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