Advancing color accuracy in cinema postproduction

Results and implementation of industry study on metamerism.

September 15, 2023
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  • Advancing color accuracy in cinema postproduction

This white paper addresses the need for accurate color reproduction in cinema postproduction and proposes a metameric offset correction approach for laser illuminated projection. By aligning color perception between Xenon-lamp-based and RGB laser projectors, this solution aims to ensure consistent and faithful color reproduction on the screen.

One of the first digital revolutions in the domain of imaging happened when pixels came to replace film grain and analog images based on pigment sensitivity were replaced by discrete pixels in a grid. Though the image representation became digital, the illumination of the displayed images remained analog. A second revolution arrived when the illumination itself went through its digitization transition.

In this white paper, author Jean-Philippe Jacquemin discusses:

  • Understanding metameric variability
  • The Metameric Offset Correction (MOC) approach
  • Validation and empirical evidence
  • Practical implementation and integration
  • Industry collaborations and endorsements
  • Future perspectives

Download the white paper