First private cinema hall in the Middle East features Barco Laser projection

October 16, 2018 | 1 minute read
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  • First private cinema hall in the Middle East features Barco Laser projection

Cinionic has teamed up with progressive movie exhibitor Lunar Cinemas in Oman to offer a one-of-a-kind moviegoing experience that allows guests to choose a specific film and viewing time – complete with in-seat dining – for private parties.

Partners in innovation
“We are very proud of our unique offering and pleased that Barco Laser technology is a key part of our new venture,” comments Khalid Al Nabhani, CEO of Lunar Cinemas. “We have trusted in Barco as the cinema industry leader for many years. With Cinionic’s support, we are exceeding our expectations and using our revenue to grow Lunar Cinemas.”

Known for its pioneering developments in laser technology, Cinionic (as Barco) has collaborated with many innovative exhibitors and filmmakers, continually striving to offer something new and different to the moviegoing public.

Making cinema a special occasion
“We share our customer’s passion for royally treating moviegoers with experiences that are special enough for celebrations,” comments Serge Plasch, Chief Commercial Officer for Cinionic. “Private halls are a great way to cater to their desire for exclusivity, and Lunar Cinemas can rely on Barco Laser projectors for superior quality befitting these occasions.”

Opening this November, Lunar Cinemas features the first laser-powered cinema screen in Oman. Located at the Al Araimi Shopping Center, the complex will have three VIP suites with 42 seats and dining facilities, as well as a public hall seating 80 spectators.

Quality and economy for cozy auditoriums
Barco Smart Laser projectors offer the optimum solution for bringing the premium image quality of laser projection to even the smallest, most exclusive cinema auditoriums. Minimal cost, hassle and risk make them an ideal fit for growing multiplexes.