Discover the modular design of Barco Series 4 laser projectors

April 30, 2019
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Have you discovered Barco Series 4 cinema projectors yet? They integrate seamlessly into your current setup, even complex ones. In fact, its modular design, low noise levels, and ability to perform in ambient temperatures of up to 40° Celsius mean you don’t even have to install them in a separate booth at all.

Ultra-low maintenance
With Series 4, Barco takes its renowned modularity beyond the projector, inside the light source. Easy, field-swappable and cost-efficient Barco Laser Plates™ reduce your TCO. Access ultra-low maintenance with Series 4. The unique filter system and integrated sensors minimize maintenance, reducing costs, and downtime. And, with no tools required, anyone can replace the filters of the Barco Series 4.

Discover Series 4 next-level modularity in below video

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