City Cinema powers larger-than-life entertainment with Barco Laser from Cinionic

July 9, 2018
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Summer entertainment in Iraq now features giant outdoor movie experience

Just in time for the 2018 FIFA World Cup™, City Cinema has launched the largest outdoor cinema screen in the Middle East to enthrall fans in Slemani, Iraq. Goals, tackles and penalty kicks visually burst with energy and yellow cards look a lot brighter on the big screen, thanks to Barco projection. Ultimately, the new venue will feature a rich array of entertainment, including worldwide sports tournaments, theatrical and special events, and of course…the latest movies!

“We passionately want to exceed our guests’ expectations by creating exciting and vibrant entertainment destinations that transport our guests from their everyday lives into the magical world of movies,” comments Karim A. Kadir, CEO of City Cinema. “We trust in Barco as the leader in laser projection, and appreciate CineTech’s consistently excellent support. They are enabling us to truly differentiate our cinemas, which is crucial to engaging and satisfying our customers.”

We trust in Barco as the leader in laser projection. They are enabling us to truly differentiate our cinemas.


Karim A. Kadir, CEO of City Cinema
The muscle behind the magic
Cinionic, the Barco cinema joint venture, partnered with CineTech for the record-setting deployment, installing the DP4K-22L Flagship Laser projector to power the 20m screen. Barco projectors offer exhibitors the combined benefits of brilliant image quality and operational advantages, such as increased energy efficiency and long lifetime. Their industry-leading brightness is also ideal when presenting content in an outdoor setting characterized with moderate ambient light.

“We are thrilled to support City Cinema in creating this exciting new cinema experience in the great outdoors,” comments Serge Plasch, Chief Commercial Officer at Cinionic. “We applaud their novel approach to entertaining their guests; it’s a fantastic way to set themselves apart and attract a whole new audience!”