FLASHBACK: Cinionic delivers the power of premium to Beirut moviegoers

August 6, 2018
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  • FLASHBACK: Cinionic delivers the power of premium to Beirut moviegoers

#laserlover of the week

We’re spreading the laser love this summer as we celebrate some of our latest customers who’ve embraced Barco laser projection to take their cinema experiences to the next level. 

This week we flash back to the fastest growing cinema company in the Middle East, World Media Holding. One of its key brands, CinemaCity, surprised movie fans in 2016 with a brand new PLUS+ Theater, bringing giant screen entertainment to Lebanon at its Beirut Souks cinema. Now audiences are thrilled by the brilliance of Barco’s brightness and color vibrancy, thanks to a Flagship Laser projector powering the latest blockbusters.


Committed to delivering exceptional audience experiences, CinemaCity expressed its interest in Barco’s Flagship Laser projectors in 2015. “Everything about our cinemas is designed for the enjoyment of our guests. By fitting the Flagship Laser projector into our PLUS+ Theater we’re again raising the bar for entertainment here in Lebanon,” says Maya Kfouri, Marketing Manager at CinemaCity.

This installation marked a decisive step forward in the expansion of Barco’s premium laser projection technology in the Middle East: a growing network of cinemas in the region are opting for the brightness of the Barco Laser for the PLF screens as well as outfitting their entire multiplex.