FLASHBACK: Megabox projects the future in all-laser multiplex

August 16, 2018
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  • FLASHBACK: Megabox projects the future in all-laser multiplex

#laserlover of the week

We’re spreading the laser love this summer as we celebrate some of our latest customers who’ve embraced Barco laser projection to take their cinema experiences to the next level. 

This week we flash back to the Megabox cinema chain in South Korea, which believes the future lies in all-laser cinema.

Megabox has always enthralled moviegoers with superior image quality. For their all-laser cinemas, they reached for the highest peak luminance, brightest 3D, most defined contrast, and the widest color gamut possible. Megabox wanted a reliable solution that offered operational efficiency, with low electricity and labor costs, and as few consumable parts as possible. 


A laser projector for every screen size
Equally critical, was that the all-laser cinemas needed solutions that complied with the specific requirements of various screen and auditorium sizes. After researching the market, Megabox realized that Barco was the only manufacturer to provide a complete range of laser cinema projectors: 6 Flagship models for large screens and 12 Smart Laser projectors, ideal for small- to mid-size screens.

And to top it off, Cinionic offers Barco’s extensive range of solutions for the lowest Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) on the market today.