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explore the benefits for your cinema

ready for tomorrow, today

explore the benefits for your cinema

Barco EcoPure™

explore the benefits for your cinema

fit and forget

explore the benefits for your cinema

be at the heart of the action with brilliant images

Put your audience front and center for a consistently stunning visual experience thanks to these Barco laser projectors. Sharp colors, high uniformity, patented Barco Active Image Management™ (AIM™). All in 4K resolution. It’s all there, ready for your audience to enjoy.

boost your visual experience

reach for new horizons

Boost the visual experience for your audiences with advanced 4K chipsets. Barco Series 4 projectors up to SP4K-25 feature the TI 4K TRP chip guaranteeing sharp images with contrast levels up to 2300:1. All in Barco 4K RGB laser for a bright and uniform movie experience on all screen types.

Barco AIM™

specifically designed for cinema

Patented technology elevates the visual experience for your audiences. The Barco Active Image Management™ (Barco AIM™) encompasses patented laser image control and despeckling for a clear and bright image that lasts for over 40,000 hours, without compromise.

it’s one small step for cinema, one giant leap for the audience

Reach for the stars with the future-ready Barco Series 4 projection platform; compatible with tomorrow, upgradable to the future. Stay current with outstanding cinema moments.

tomorrow’s innovation today

ready to evolve

The Barco Series 4 laser projectors are powered by the leading chipsets from Texas Instruments which anticipates growth in 4K movies and alternative content. The Series 4 projector is 4K 120fps-capable and ready for immersive sound and HDR. The result: your all-new Series 4 laser projector will delight audiences of today, and tomorrow.

Barco Colorgenic™

more color to meet future standards

The new projector platform contains next-generation light source technology. Barco Colorgenic™ offers the full P3 color space and more than 98.5% of rec. 2020, for an extremely wide color gamut.

take off for a smarter, simpler, and greener way

Experience industry-leading efficiency, effortless maintenance, and minimize your environmental footprint with Barco Series 4 projectors.

smart power

reduce energy consumption

The integrated projection system delivers an industry-leading energy-efficient performance up to 11.5 lumens per watt. This allows for more than 50% savings compared to Xenon projectors.

Series 4’s environmentally-friendly sleep mode consumes just 3 watts an hour, reducing your energy consumption. This remote wake-up functionality is perfect for network-programmed scheduled maintenance or content ingest.

cleaner air by design

patented sealing

The Barco Series 4 product design features a separate air flow to ensure that extra cleaned air goes to the most critical optical components. Washable and reusable, the filters can be replaced by anyone as no tools are required.

Furthermore, the laser cinema projectors are equipped with the latest evolution in sealing technology implementing Barco’s patents. Thanks to this patented sealed enclosure, contamination cannot reach the optics, guaranteeing stunning image quality.

modular design for an improved cinema experience

Barco Series 4 integrate seamlessly into your current setup, even in complex booth setups. The optimal design ensures an easy upgrade to laser cinema projection.

Barco Laser Plates™

next-level modularity

With Series 4, Barco takes its renowned modularity beyond the projector, inside the light source. Easy, field-swappable and cost-efficient Barco Laser Plates™ reduce your total cost of ownership.

designed for boothless

silent running

Barco Series 4 laser projectors bring a new level of comfort to your theater and are perfectly designed for boothless. Why? They generate low noise levels as low as 50 dB and perform in ambient temperatures up to 40° Celcius. The lasers and cooling are fully integrated into their design, so the projector setup also requires less space.

ultra-low maintenance

no tools required

Access ultra-low maintenance with Series 4. You can now reduce your maintenance frequency by factor 4. What’s more, you know exactly when maintenance is required. The unique filter system and integrated sensors minimize maintenance, reducing costs and downtime. And, with no tools required, anyone can replace the filters of the Barco Series 4.

backwards compatible, future ready

seamless integration

The projector bodies of Barco Series 4 models up to 25,000 lumens have the same footprint and feet positions as the Barco C-series projectors. The models from 27,000 lumens and above come with an additional adapter plate. This means all Barco Series 4 models fit your existing pedestal and booth space. What’s more, you can reuse your current Barco lens fleet and third-party lenses are also supported.

Barco Series 4 projectors

enter the smart projection era

• Barco 4K RGB laser projectors providing brilliant images for all screens

• Future-ready platform pecially designed for cinema

• Simplify your operations and reduce your costs

• environmentally-friendly projectors with industry-leading efficiency

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