United Cinemas first to thrill movie fans in Ōgawara, Japan with Barco Laser

October 23, 2018
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As one of Cinionic’s newest exhibition customers, United Cinema Forte Miyagi Ōgawara is absolutely committed to offering its guests the highest quality movie experiences. It’s why United has fully outfitted its newest cinema with all Barco projectors, including three Smart Laser models featuring the brightest, highest contrast picture quality to delight fans. 
Bringing picture-perfect movies to the Miyagi prefecture 

This is the first theater in the city to be equipped with Barco Laser cinema projection, delivering bright, clear images for an immersive movie experience.



Barco Smart Laser projectors feature a laser light source with a wide color gamut, offering high light utilization efficiency and long lifetime. “Compared to a lamp projector, the luminance drop over time for Barco Laser projectors is extremely small.” 


Superior image quality combines with operational efficiency and economy to make Smart Laser projection from Cinionic ideal for premium showings in smaller theaters and the perfect solution to outfit an all-laser multiplex.


“Japan has a very strong fan base for today’s blockbusters and we’re excited to see exhibitors invest in Barco Laser to provide their guests with a supreme moviegoing experience,” comment Serge Plasch, Chief Commercial Office at Cinionic.