Rio Cinema brings world cinema to new heights with Barco projection

June 12, 2018
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One of London’s legendary independents, Rio Cinema has operated as a unique cinema for a variety of entertainment, from art-house films to stand-up comedy nights and educational screenings for 15,000 schoolchildren a year. So when it decided to expand its historical building to include a second auditorium, the new screen was designed to utilize the very latest in sound and vision technology to create a big screen feel within the tight confines of the available space. The solution?  Barco projection.

The Barco projector gives a compact 28-seat screening room that big screen ‘wow’ factor.

 Oliver Meek, Executive Director at Rio Cinema

Rio Cinema wanted to offer its loyal customers an amazing cinema experience, and so far it’s proven to be immensely popular with Rio regulars, generally sold out for both evening shows on a daily basis. 

“Customers are blown away by the picture clarity and the sound quality. It was definitely worth the investment in getting the Barco projector to give a compact 28-seat screening room that big screen ‘wow’ factor.”  Oliver Meek, Executive Director at Rio Cinema

Peter Hall, of AV integrator Future Projections located at the Windsor Centre in London, concurs: “Working with Barco projectors under the new Cinionic banner gives end-users like Rio the chance to benefit from direct support while retaining the hands-on local service that they have grown to expect from specialist integrators.”