Elevating your Experience: Why We’re Launching Cinionic Customer Voice

The next evolution in listening to you

August 3, 2021
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  • Elevating your Experience: Why We’re Launching Cinionic Customer Voice

As fellow members of the global cinema community, we all love what we do and the experiences we deliver for moviegoers. At Cinionic, we are dedicated to you – our customers – and exhibition through our expert service, leading technology solutions, and flexible financing. As we design the future together, Cinionic is committed to actively listening to you and taking action to improve your experience. 

That’s why, starting August 2021, Cinionic is proud to launch its Customer Voice program globally, enabling you to share your thoughts directly with us – using globally recognized methodologies to understand your experience better.   

Curious how Cinionic Customer Voice can help us serve you? Let’s dive in.  

“As a customer-centric organization, your valuable feedback enables our teams to adapt, develop new training, and streamline processes to ensure every experience is better than the last,” said Jürgen De Cock, Cinionic’s Director of Customer Experiences. “The insights you share will inform our global approach, benefitting you and our worldwide cinema community.”  

Committed to exceeding expectations 

When we hear your thoughts, we take your comments to heart. If your experience with us doesn’t meet your expectations, it’s our job to learn, improve and keep earning your trust. When something isn’t right, we want to do more than fix the problem – we want to ensure our mutual success for the future. Our commitment to you with Cinionic Customer Voice: listen, learn, grow, and take action. When you send us your feedback, we will be in touch. If something isn’t right, we will call you (within two business days) and stay with you until it’s resolved.  

When will you receive a survey? 

From time to time, after an interaction with our team, you’ll receive a short email from Cinionic requesting your feedback. The online survey typically takes no more than 2-3 minutes and the results are sent directly to our Customer Experience team.  

We want to express our appreciation in advance to our customers for your honesty and your trust – we look forward to growing with you, for you.   

Your privacy matters 

Cinionic takes your privacy and your data as seriously as we take your feedback. Click here to read our privacy policy