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Laser as a Service
bringing laser into your theater, at your pace, no worries

Running your cinema these days, you’re looking for answers on how to manage your light output for every show (even in 3D!), extend your projector lifetime to plan your renewal strategy, and run your theater more efficiently to reduce your overall operational cost.

Cinionic’s new Laser as a Service solution provides your moviegoers with an improved viewing experience without worries. It’s about more than just light. It’s about keeping the light on the screen, looking after your complete projector (not just the light source) and taking advantage of the latest technological advantages with laser, movie after movie.

How does it work? Simple. At your theater, we retrofit your current Barco Series II Xenon projector with a brand-new, state-of-the-art laser heart. Then, you connect to the Cinionic Laser as a Service cloud, activate the guarantees and warranties, and you’re ready to go!

Laser as a Service makes your laser mission possible. Relax, we have you covered.

5 reasons to choose Laser as a Service

Retrofit your current Barco Series II lamp cinema projector and extend your projector’s lifetime.

better image quality

Delight your audiences with a vastly superior visual laser projection experience thanks to the guaranteed brightness, improved contrast, and better uniformity over your projector’s extended lifetime.

no worries

Consistent light output is guaranteed. Eliminate lamp hassle and enjoy the benefits throughout your entire cinema organization. Less storage, less staff training, and less maintenance. No more associated planning and scheduling, genuine peace of mind!

financial flexibility

Enjoy true flexibility, also from a financial perspective. Do you prefer to pay up front or as you go? Extend your contract or return the light source? It’s all up to you. We bring you there.

prolong projector lifetime

Extend the lifespan and warranty of your existing equipment and bridge the gap between projector investments with Laser as a Service. You’ll improve your operating profit by doing so.

environmentally friendly

No more lamp disposal, optimize power consumption and minimize heat dissipation. Your clear benefit: cut costs up to 70%. It’s good for the environment – and your budget!

what’s included?

Laser as a Service retrofit upgrade kits effectively turn your existing lamp projector into a laser projector. The upgrade kits are available for all Barco Series II Xenon cinema projectors.


During the upgrade process all Xenon lamp components (including the lamp house, power supplies, and spark generator) are replaced by a laser light source, laser driver modules, and dedicated laser cooling. Activate the service by connecting to Cinionic’s Laser as a Service cloud. Start projecting.

for 20,000 hours of operation:

  • Laser light source delivers more light – guaranteed!
  • Consistent light output
  • Complete projector warranty (including the light source)
  • Real-time monitoring with dashboard view


and beyond…

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