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you had me at 'laser'

But just in case we didn't, here's the top 7 reasons why you need laser projection in your cinema.

sharper imagery

Boost brightness and contrast level with zero flicker.


optimize picture quality

Maintain consistent brightness over a long lifespan.


lower your costs

Eliminate the cost and hassle of lamp replacements.


environmentally friendly

Reduce power consumption without lamps.


streamline operations

Improve efficiency by going “lamp-less”.


cut expenses

Remove costly air extraction from your booth.


switch between 2D and 3D

Increased dimming range for more opportunities.

our products

A-list movies deserve A-list projectors

Barco's laser portfolio includes a perfect laser match for your screen with the biggest portfolio in the industry.
Cinionic Flagship Lineup
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Barco Flagship Laser series

wow experiences delivered

  • Ultimate image quality for premium screens
  • High contrast or high brightness pictures
  • Up to 60,000 lumens

Cinionic Flagship Laser
Cinionic Flagship Laser
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Barco Smart Laser series

peace of mind delivered

  • Future-proof and cost-effective laser projectors for mainstream theaters
  • Simplify your operations and reduce your expenses
  • 14 models to choose from

discover our tools

Cinionic Operations Server

Cinionic's Laser as a Service solution

Retrofit your current Barco Series II lamp cinema projector and extend your projector's lifetime.

better image quality

100% guaranteed


no worries

100% lamp free


financial flexibility

pay for light only


prolong projector lifetime

warranty extension included


environmentally friendly

save up to 70% on energy, reduce waste

why others chose laser projection

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more than 200 exhibitors are already convinced

At this speed, we're gonna need a bigger map soon.
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let’s talk about laser

Contact Cinionic, your partner for laser projection.
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