Showcase boosts Boston’s cinema scene with Series 4 and CGS

febrero 26, 2020
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In December 2019, Showcase Cinema de Lux outfitted its entire Legacy Place multiplex in Boston with Barco Series 4 laser projectors. The venue even includes an XPlus auditorium, complete with Cinionic Giant Screen (CGS) for a next-generation dual-laser powered moviegoer experience.

“Together with Cinionic, we’re committed to providing the best possible image quality and overall movie experience to our customers.”

Mark Malinowski, VP of Global Marketing at National Amusements


In addition to going full laser, Showcase upgraded the XPlus auditorium in its Legacy Place multiplex. XPlus leverages CGS remastered content, delivering an advanced cinematic presentation that audiences can see. “The result is an incredibly immersive environment that our customers absolutely love,” asserts Mark.


The real test: what does the moviegoer think?

“Staying at home doesn’t stand a chance.”

“Everything is amazing: from the cinema itself to the quality of the projection.”