FLASHBACK: Pioneer Kinepolis opens first all-laser multiplex in Europe

November 4, 2018
  • customer story

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We’re spreading the laser love this summer as we celebrate some of our latest customers who’ve embraced Barco laser projection to take their cinema experiences to the next level. 

This week we flash back to Kinepolis, a long-term partner of Barco and Cinionic, which is reaping the rewards of its all-laser theater by wowing customers and saving on operational costs.

“Our customer satisfaction surveys show visitors prefer laser-illuminated projection.”

 Vicky Vekemans, theater manager at Kinepolis Breda

Each time Barco releases a new technology, Kinepolis is one of the first exhibitors to embrace it with astounding results. Having installed a Flagship Laser projector during the cutting edge of the market in 2014, the exhibitor quickly moved to create an all-laser multiplex once Smart Laser projectors were available.

The ten-screen Kinepolis Breda multiplex features one Barco Flagship Laser and nine Smart Laser projectors. “Visitor numbers have been exceeding our expectations since Day One, which is fantastic,” says Vicky Vekemans, theater manager.

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