FLASHBACK: Golden Village first to go all-laser in Singapore

August 23, 2018
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  • FLASHBACK: Golden Village first to go all-laser in Singapore

#laserlover of the week

We’re spreading the laser love this summer as we celebrate some of our latest customers who’ve embraced Barco laser projection to take their cinema experiences to the next level. 

This week we flash back to the Golden Village (GV) Multiplex, which is reaping the rewards of its all-laser theater by wowing customers and saving on operational costs.

As the largest exhibitor in Singapore with more than 100 screens, GV decided to open a new multiplex in Paya Lebar with the goal of delivering an exceptional moviegoing experience.They called on the finest technology on the market: super-comfortable Duo Deluxe seats and Barco laser projection to name a few. With this bold move, the theater became the first all-laser complex.

Golden Village with Barco laser projectors is a revolutionary game changer for the big screen experience.

 Sebastian Fong, Projection Manager at Golden Village Multiplex

Improving image quality and operational efficiency

Golden Village has called the use of Barco laser projectors “a revolutionary game changer”. While its primary goal was to improve the viewing experience, the company was also interested in improving their operational efficiency. In effect, this means reducing power consumption and maintenance costs, as there is no longer a need to replace lamps. 

“Barco has been a long-time partner of GV,” says Sebastian Fong, Manager, Projection Management at Golden Village Multiplex. “We look forward to working hand in hand with them to continue this fruitful relationship.”

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