FLASHBACK: Forum Cinemas’ guests give Barco Laser a “thumbs up”!

August 1, 2018
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  • FLASHBACK: Forum Cinemas’ guests give Barco Laser a “thumbs up”!

#laserlover of the week

We’re spreading the laser love this summer as we celebrate some of our latest customers who’ve embraced Barco Laser projection to take their cinema experiences to the next level. 

This week we flash back to Forum Cinemas in TallInn, Estonia, which embraced Barco Flagship Laser more than two years ago as one of Cinionic’s frontrunners in the technology. 

Not only are the folks at Forum Cinemas thrilled to offers guests unsurpassed image quality, the exhibitor is benefitting from increased revenues. “The price to view a movie in our top-class theater is slightly higher, yet everyone seems to happily pay a bit more to enjoy this exceptional movie experience,” comments Kristjan Kongo, CEO at Forum Cinemas. 

Never before have we come this close to our mission of delivering the ultimate cinema experience!

 Kristjan Kongo, CEO Forum Cinemas

Forum customers rank Barco Laser 5/5!
Guests responding to a customer survey ranked the image quality 4.4 on a scale of 5 (with over half the respondents giving it a full 5). And, 77% of those surveyed said that laser projection would make them go more to the movies!

The unequalled image quality and low total cost of ownership of Barco’s laser technology were the most important factors in deciding to “go laser.” Moreover, lasers last much longer than traditional projector lamps and aren’t as fragile, thus dramatically lowering operating costs.  

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