First Kbro Cinemas differentiates with Barco high contrast laser

December 19, 2018
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  • First Kbro Cinemas differentiates with Barco high contrast laser

Launching a new movie theater is always an exciting challenge. Launching a theater in a location that already has six other cinemas forces you to focus on a differentiating experience. So, when the Taiwanese movie distributor and producer Kbro decided to open its own theater in Taichung City with partners Taiwan Mobile and Fuban Financial Holding Venture Capital, it looked at the whole concept of cinema-going again. “People trust us with two hours of their lives. These days this is enormous. They are entitled to something special,” says Emi Lin, General Manager of Kbro Cinemas.

Turning up the quality

For Lin, the goal was to turn the movie show into a very rich experience. “Barco’s High Contrast Flagship Laser projector offers images that are brighter, sharper, and richer in terms of contrast. This gives the audience a more immersive movie sensation.”

Operational simplicity

What does it mean for the operational side? “From the standpoint of a cinema operator, the stability and consistency of images at every screening really helps us to streamline our operations,” explains Lin.

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