Cinemas Gaumont Pathé elevates movie showings with Barco laser projection

June 28, 2018
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  • Cinemas Gaumont Pathé elevates movie showings with Barco laser projection

Parisians and tourists may want to consider catching a movie at the Gaumont Opera cinema on their next date night! Thanks to Barco’s laser projectors from Cinionic, installed by CinemaNext enhanced with EclairColor HDR technology, they’ll be treated to a visually spectacular, noticeably more brilliant cinema experience.

Watch the video where Sévrine Breil, Regional Director for Cinemas Gaumont Pathé, shares her impressions on the enhanced image quality and reliability of the Barco High Contrast projector.

Cinemas Gaumont Pathé owns 69 theaters in France with additional sites in Belgium, Switzerland and the Netherlands, totaling 1,000 screens across Europe. The exhibitor is the first to showcase the combined solution of Barco High Contrast laser projection from Cinionic, the Barco cinema joint venture, and the EclairColor HDR technology. 

“We can really count on these high-quality projectors, which allow us to provide our viewers with excellent quality. We’ve worked with Barco since the digital launch in 2008 and their products are always on the cutting-edge of technology. Now, we are reaping the benefits of Barco and EclairColor HDR and experiencing high quality, reliable performance.”
Sévrine Breil, Regional Director for Cinemas Gaumont Pathé

Partners in innovation
For many years, Barco and CinemaNext have shared a passion for creating high-quality movie images, developing cutting-edge technologies to power WOW cinema experiences. Together, they offer complete customer care and technical services to offer exhibitors high reliability and peace of mind.

Delivering a premium experience with Barco laser 
Barco High Contrast laser projectors deliver stunning image quality, with Flagship Laser ideally suited to the largest screens at Gaumont Pathé, while the new Smart Laser HC models offer premium cinema quality for smaller screens. Both feature consistent laser image quality, thanks to enhanced contrast and native 4K resolution, making them ideal for outfitting an all-laser multiplex. 

Learn more about contrast ratio
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