Why Cinamon loves Cinionic’s Laser as a Service solution

January 29, 2020
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  • Why Cinamon loves Cinionic’s Laser as a Service solution

In 2017, Cinamon Holding decided to embrace Barco laser projectors to boost their customers’ cinema experiences. The decision marked a shift in the Baltic market: Cinamon would be the very first theater chain in the region to go fully laser.

Instead of replacing their existing projectors, Cinamon chose Laser as a Service. “By retrofitting our projectors with laser, we would get the exceptional image quality so typical of laser, at a lower cost,” says CIO Andac Bagioglu. Barco’s certified technicians integrated the new projectors literally overnight. “The process was incredibly fast, efficient and surprisingly easy.”

Today, Barco laser projectors are up and running in Cinamon’s 5 theaters, inspiring nothing but positive feedback. “We were impressed by the image brightness and by the drop in energy consumption right from the start. Now that every location is fitted with laser, we also enjoy the benefits of centralized remote control. Cinionic gives us total peace of mind.”

CEO Tatiana Tolstaya is very pleased by the positive feedback expressed by the audience, who confirm a real difference. “Now when I watch a movie on a Cinamon screen, it feels like I just cleaned my glasses,” she laughs. “I see it as our responsibility to provide our customers with the very best cinema experiences, which absolutely requires outstanding image quality. That’s why we chose Cinionic.” “This is clearly the future of cinema,” Andac Bagioglu concludes.